Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Break

This last week has been one of my favorite weeks ever spent with my husband.

Spring Break...does a mind, body, and soul some good. (and a house, apparently)

I (and my husband) have cleaned out 4 closets, rearranged 2 living rooms, painted a microwave cart (to be used as a vanity), added wonderful contact paper to spruce up some old furniture, bought a new bookcase for our overwhelming amounts of books, created 2 chalkboards with a little wood and chalkboard paint (and love), planted an herb garden, re-upholstered the boxspring mattress of our guest bed, and in general have clean/organized everything. (with the exception of a few small boxes I have yet to go through).

(The house is almost exactly how I want it to be. Alas, my break is drawing to a's so hard to get projects done whilst working a full week.)

But don't get me wrong...this last week has been full of fun too! Mark and I have recently purchased bikes and over the week got to do a lot of bike riding on the Platte Trail behind our house. On Monday we rode our bikes 12 miles to downtown denver. Wonderful, Glorious, Exhausting! =) I am super proud of myself though!

We got to dine at some of our favorite places this week, and try some new places. We hung out with dear friends and loved each other well. We looked at puppies at the puppy store. We laughed, worked, planned,soaked up the sun, and cleaned together. We enjoyed each other to the fullest extent. I CANNOT wait until this summer. An easier way of life is within reach...

But for the next 40 work days... I will grin and bear it. I will dream of the golden sun, since apparently winter isn't over yet. I will dream of night time fires and grilling out. Hundreds of vegetables fresh from our garden. A puppy that cuddles and wiggles. A hammock that sways in the wind, and folding patio chairs that aid my future tan. I will dream...oh, I will dream.


  1. That sounds SO wonderful. I'm glad that you two got that time!

    Puppy? Are you getting a puppy?

    Also, way to go riding your bikes to downtown! We should ride our bikes to your place sometime... :)

  2. Thank you! It took us (mainly, ME) about 35 minutes more than Google estimated it would (should take). My summer goal will be to make the ride in under an hour! And yes, you SHOULD ride to us sometime.

    We aren't getting a puppy, but Nick and Beth might. Which is nice...cause we get all the playing and sweetness and they get all the cleaning up and responsibility. =)

    We should get together sometime soon! (when it's spring weather, not antartica weather)

  3. I can't wait to see everything new in the house!! :)