Thursday, September 5, 2013

Agriculture Show

A few weeks ago, Mark and I (along with pretty much the entire population of Vava'u), attended the annual Agriculture Show.

It was a really special day. Not only had the annual Ag Show not been held for a number of years (for reasons unknown to me), it was also the new kings first trip to Vava'u! (he was announced King of Tonga shortly before our arrival in Tonga).

Most people from our island came. This is a new boat, and because it is so humongous (by Tongan standards), it seems there is no limit to how much stuff and how many people can fit. This does not accurately portray the fullness.

At the Ag show, each town set up a little stall and displayed the best their town had to offer. There were tons of root crops, woven mats, vegetables, sea food, etc. It was so neat to see so many "me'a fakatonga" - Tongan things.

The islands totally represented with their fish display. Matamaka, the town Mark works in, had huge and strange fish. Super cool to see.

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