Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ag Show 2

More pictures!

Giant Eel!

Mark and I outside one of Nuapapu's stalls (we had 2. Yes, Nuapapu is spelled two different ways, depending on who you ask. It drives me crazy.)

This picture is cool because of the giant taro....all the big leafy tree looking things are taro, a much loved root crop. :)

The King! :) King Tupou VI. It was really neat to see a people's love for their king, unlike anything I've ever seen. People don't usually talk much about the king, the monarchy, or anything political, so I wasn't sure what it would be like to have the king visit. It was really nice, and I thought he was especially regal (so tall!), and very smiley.

Waiting for the king to walk past with our Nuapapu friends.

Of course, our favorite thing about the day was hanging out with our pals Ryan and Abby, and eating Taro potato chips and cold Ginger Beer (from one very smart stall!)

Ryan and Abby in front of their towns stall.

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