Thursday, August 8, 2013

A busy week!

Last week was a very busy week for us! We headed to town on Wednesday to pick up a water tank (more on that later)

Enjoyed a fabulous pizza and wine Wednesday night dinner with our friends Ryan and Abby. (If only all Wednesdays could be pizza and wine days...)

We got to observe/help/play at the school they teach at on Thursday. It was so much fun, incredibly inspiring, and all in all, a great time.

On Friday we headed back to town to meet up with some of our favorite friends in Nuapau.

They took us to a themed Mormon dance, which was really just, one of the funniest and most awkward experiences ever! (more on that later too!)

We got home Saturday night, just in time to prep for the big Mormon conference on Sunday.

After the (long) church service, there was a big feast.

We had school Monday morning...this might be the week I am the least of course we have observation and "site visits" this Thursday from the PC staff up in TTop. ..... All of my excitement has also left me a little sick. But, more updates soon, we promise! Mormon dances and fitting a huge water tank onto a teensy -weensy boat are just too full of fun things not to share!

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  1. We had a busy week out here too with Anne's wedding. Missed seeing you guys, Laura, and Aaron. I guess Tonga's a little far away. . .