Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mariners Cave

The outside of Mariners Cave.

Me swimming out of the cave. (somehow it looks like I'm pulling my Tongan friend, but he is very much pulling me).

Mariners Cave round 2 with Ryan and Abby

After we spent a good hour climbing and jumping off cliffs inside the cave, completely exhausted we swim back out to discover our boats motor is broken and has drifted what seems like 10 miles away. After our very long swim to the boat, we decide not to worry and eat our picnic. This is our boat driver trying to fix the motor.

After a couple hours of drifting on the boat, we saw a yacht in the distance. We stood and waved and hollered and jumped around, until the boat, hesitantly and slowly, began to make its way toward us. When they arrived, after a little pleading on our part, they agreed to tow us back home.

All in all, a very fun and memorable day.

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  1. I just wanted to let you two know that Cameron and I have been reading your blog. It has been super encouraging and exciting for us to read about your journey. Today we leave for Namibia and we will be finally starting our journey! Thank you for sharing your story. We know sometimes it can be difficult and another one of those things to do. We appreciate you two!
    Hailey Shaffer