Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another role

One of many reasons Mark and I chose the Peace Corps for this time in our life was because it provides it's volunteers with quality health care. Now, I'll admit, due to our location and isolation, there were a few kinks to work out the first time or two we called on Peace Corps for help, but overall we continue to be pleased that this service is available to us.

Beyond meeting urgent, or unforseeable, medical needs, our PC medical officer also keeps us well stocked with band-aids, over the counter medication, neosporin, and any and every other first aid thing you can think of.

Here's the tricky part though...

It's against pc policy for us to doctor up our community members, or to distribute medical supplies.

I completely understand why. We, nor peace corps, wants to be held liable.

But just last month one of my students split his head open. His HEAD. (and it's not like there's a hospital, or clinic anywhere's a two hour boat ride, then a taxi drive away....) (we also happen to be the only people with medical supplies on our little island).

And just now our good friend cut his foot open, very open, with a machete.

I wish we could get some first aid materials and a training for our town.

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  1. I know it must be hard to see someone hurting and not be able to do anything medically.