Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The parentals visit!

Mom and dad just left after 10 memorable days visiting in Tonga! It was wonderful to share our life with them, as well as to catch up on their lives, movies we missed, big news stories, and everything else of note that has happened during our stay on this very remote island.

I took a total of 4 pictures during their stay....(oops!), but mom has quite a lot.

Without pictures it just isn't the same, but we had loads of fun. It was nice for Mark and I to do some of the things that tourists from all over the world come here to do. The role-reversal of vacation planning was also really fun. Mark and I worked hard to plan fun things, and for the most part everything worked out well. We snorkeled, swam after dolphins (you read that correctly, not with, but in a vain attempt,chased after...dolphins are faster), I curled my hair (for the first time in a long time), got to wear things that showed ,*gasp, my shoulders and knees and thighs, we talked, toured a vanilla plantation, played bocce ball, went on an unforgettable dinner cruise, listened to church bells ring, wondered at the beauty of the south pacific, rode on many boats of various shapes, speeds,and sizes, got to hang out with a lot of fellow peace corps volunteers and their loved ones, kayaked, laughed, attended choir practice and sang as a quartet, cried, hiked all over our island, picnicked, attempted to spear fish (the boys, anyways), feasted, experienced a most unique tapas meal, roasted marshmallows, annoyed Aimee with our constant calling to check if the baby had come, and ultimately, loved each other well.

It was also really encouraging, and eye-opening, to see our lives from their perspective. It made both Mark and I realize just how much we've learned over these last 10 months- about Tonga, Tongan culture, Tongan language, life on an island, each other, and ourselves. Of course, the nicest part of the whole time was just being together.

Love you mom and dad!

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