Thursday, February 28, 2013

To my family, And the elders

It was a cold and rainy day, so we decided to play scrabble. Inspired by my letters, I started humming a song (which happened to be the gnome mobile song...really hoping aim and Adam are chiming in with memories on that one...we watched weird movies as children...). Anywho, after I'd hummed a second or two, mark said, "oh good, I thought you were about to sing the "Ghost of John" song. " Oh...thank you lakehoma elementary music teacher, Mrs. macDonald. So, then I did. I sang the Ghost of John, with his long white bones and his skin all gone. And I had a small fit of giggles as I recalled how often Aimee and I used to sing that song to annoy our parents, and wondered about how I know sing that song to annoy my husband.

And then, whilst singing, I recalled that often, during the fall season, Beth and I would sing our weird Halloween songs. Hers, written by her mother, about witches and such, and mine about John. I recall more than one occasion, our voices rising and falling, not at all in unison, as we sang these songs from our childhood, and our husbands looked on in wonder. Soul mates, we two, I suppose.

Love and miss you all!


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