Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last days of summer

During one of the last few days before school started, we asked our neighbors to show us around the island of Nuapapu. Our neighbors are great-really sweet family with (usually) really sweet kids.

The day started early. We packed some lunch, some extra water, and after they told me to change my shoes, we were off. It was a bit of a rainy day, but we were ready to go!

We took a path I had never walked before. Past the Mormon church, through a little bit of bush, and suddenly, we were on a beach I didn't even know existed. We decided to walk to the far side of the island. There is a palangi that is building a resort on the other side of Nuapapu, and we had heard various rumors regarding the state of his resort, so we decided to go and investigate.

Our island is shaped like a giant U. I didn't know, but apparently this means that, during low tide, you can walk from one side of the U to the other. Pretty cool, huh?

It was a little....interesting, walking across the ocean, that is. I was often nervous about what I was stepping on/in...what with all the rock fish and such.

The boys were busy searching for and playing with crabs. Those things are fast!

We found some trash, which was turned into a rather sea-worthy vessel. (in fact, we had to turn back because the tide was coming in so fast, and one of the boys sailed the two hour walk back in this trash boat. I was impressed. And jealous. )

Here's the boys...they caught 8 crabs. Mark cooked them up, and we taught them how to play spoons while we enjoyed the food. All in all, A pretty great day!

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  1. Is the stove at your house or the neighbors?