Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Welcomed Surprise

Our lives are full of daily surprises, some good, some not so good. This was of the good ones.

One of the other organizations in Vava'u that employs volunteers from overseas is VEPA (Vava'u Enviornmental Protection Agency). A few months before we arrived, a VEPA volunteer was working a few days a week in Matamaka on a coral nursery project. She constructed a few underwater structures with small, living pieces of coral attached to them, in the hopes that these will grow into new coral reefs. In the spirit of unity and supportiveness, I have volunteered to check in on the project periodically and report the continued status of the project back to the VEPA folks in town.

So, two VEPA volunteers, one from Australia and one from Whales, decided to pay us a visit for a couple days. They were wanting to check out the villages and give me a bit of a tutorial on the coral nursery. They luckily caught a ride out to the island on a palangi's deep sea fishing boat, and when they arrived, they came carrying what I considered to be a really big fish. It turned out to be just an extra tuna they caught during their ride, and they had brought it to cook up for dinner. Being an avid seafood lover, I was naturally overjoyed. It was my first time to attempt a filet at a fish this size, and I was moderately successful. We enjoyed some of it raw with a little lime juice, and blackened the rest. We had a wonderful time hosting them, and the highlight for me was definitely the dinner. A wonderful, welcomed surprise.

- Mark

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