Monday, July 2, 2012


I have, what feels like, a lot of time these days. Time to study and read and journal and pray.

I am finally reading a book that I requested as a Christmas gift over a year ago. It's called "Radical" by David Platt. There's really nothing "new" in it, nothing super life changing or, er, "radical", per say. But it is perhaps the perfect season for me to be reading this particular book, so I recommend it anyway. It is affirming, re-centering, and great reminding. It has rekindled long dead passions and forced many self-reflecting questions.

Anywho, this last week one of the chapters I read quoted Luke 14:25-35. Read it! (I can barely type on these new fangled touch pad would seriously take me an hour to tap out those verses...). I thought long and hard on what that piece of scripture meant to me , puzzled over it. Get what it means, but don't really know how to make that a truth in my heart. So, I decided I would continue to pray and mull over it. Then yesterday at Sunday school, the same verses were discussed. Interesting, I thought. And now, this morning, I have run across a similar verse in Matthew 10:37-39.

Again, I don't know what that means for me, or what I'm supposed to "learn" but...surely that isn't just a coincidence. And that makes me happy. What are your thoughts on those verses?

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