Friday, July 6, 2012

The 4th

I missed you all the other day.

It's been a little strange, this transition time. Mostly I feel like we're on an extended vacation. My days consist of reading, studying, work outs, and family (and, ever an "artsy" girl, the occassional scrapbooking. =) ).

It doesn't feel like we sold all of our stuff. It doesn't feel like we said goodbye to our home and you loved ones. And, it still doesn't even feel like we're leaving for Tonga.

This is a weird time, I tell ya.

But on the 4th, very suddenly, right before the fireworks show hit me. I missed you.

You see, the Fourth of July was always a party, it was a tradition. (like the fall party, and the Christmas one).

Before we were all married and mature, we met at Wolfe Street (oh the wonder of Wolfe Street). We tried for the first time, and quite unsuccessfully, to cork a watemelon. When it failed, we dumped pieces of watermelon in a huge bowl full of vodka. Hey, whatever works! We drove downtown....pretty sure we got a flat tire, and somehow or another, we ended up on the Park on the Roof (a favorite spot of mine).

I remember it being cold, and me being tired. I remember Stiles was there. I remember that even Roz (always one to have a drink) thought our vodka watermelon was nasty. Ahhh. Remembering.

We moved into the blue house on July 1st. We scrambled to be "settled" in time for our big 4th of July Party. I feel like 100 people came...but it was probably closer to 30. Mark reminded me Wednesday night that when we went to walk to Belleview Park, it started pouring.

We took cover under this tree. (No, the girl in the pink hat was not apart of our group). ha!

Clearly, we got soaked anyways.

We all dried off in the living room, drank some (more) sangria, and watched the fireworks from the sun room. All in all, a success. (We tried to cork a watermelon yet again. It failed a second time. Has this EVER been done successfully?)

Last year, we had a smaller get together. Church friends, and college friends. A few pups and a few babes. No corked watermelon, lots of yummy grilled food, STILL leftover sparklers from our wedding, beautiful fireworks. A lovely time with lovely people.

(I wore that dress this year too-funny!)

This year was fun too. Lots of yummy food, and truly delightful company. But it was different, and you were missed. And maybe it was missing you, or maybe it was that this was a "last"(who knows when we'll be celebrating the 4th in America again), but...I felt strangely patriotic.

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  1. I love the memories above, even the ones I wasn't present for but have heard about for years...

    My fourth consisted of a lot of food, a lot of beer, a lot of laughter, and a lot of playlist (that I deliberated over painstakingly for hours and received one compliment). I know that if Mark would've been here, he would've said, "right on!" to it. And if you had been here, I would've drank a whole lot more of the sangria than I did, because, let's be real, I only really let myself go around our group...

    I am happy for your new adventure, and I hope you write lots of posts like the above about your July 4ths island style!