Friday, November 1, 2013

In the meantime....

....we receive daily calls from Nuapapans....just to shoot the breeze, check up on us, let our old students talk to us, and keep us in the gossip loop.

....access to Internet was so exciting, but now, already boring.

....washing machines are the best.

....buster (our dog), is still alive, though we're sure his days are numbered.

....while walking down the street last week someone in a random truck drove by and shouted out "hello Nuapapu!". Weird and awesome.

....we did not throw up on the barge.

.....we met the new group of volunteers and are excited to attend their swearing in.

....we have gathered that we should start ironing our clothes.

....we've eaten Indian and Chinese food...awesome.

......we haven't had to look at our life all.

...mark has been working hard on a special project that brings us both lots of laughter and joy.

....the shower is a thing worthy of praise....we are the cleanest we've been in a long time.

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