Tuesday, November 26, 2013


'Eua is a large (or small, depends who you ask!) island near Tongatapu. Two of our favorite friends live on the island of 'Eua, and this last weekend we, along with two other volunteers, had the opportunity to visit them. 'Eua is known to be different from the other islands of Tonga- mainly for its cliffs, cooler weather, forest, and wild horses.

The flight to 'Eua is the shortest in the world (5 minutes, I think) but we took the less expensive route and ferried there. The ferry was a 3 hour ride, and though I drugged myself and slept like a baby...I found it quite enjoyable. :)

It was a great weekend hanging out with friends, catching up, enjoying the sights, and laughing at the crazy stuff that happens in Tonga.

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