Thursday, May 9, 2013


Since we have arrived on our island (and I've heard, actually, for the last couple years), there have been a group of men coming and going who are working on providing every house here with solar power. The Japanese have gifted every building on every island in Vava'u, the gift of solar power.

As I said before, it's here. And though, in some ways, Im a little sad ( because the mystery of the night is a little undone now), I am also happy. I'm happy because I won't have to cook and clean by candlelight. I'm happy to never again search for my contact case with a flashlight. I'm happy that, for the first time since living here, we might actually be able to use our phones to talk to people (if only we could improve the network!) as they will be charged. I'm happy that after 7 o'clock, I now still have the option to DO something, anything! Like read, or plan lessons, or practice my uke. Oh light, you wonderful thing!

When the solar was turned on last night, the kids were next door at night class. When they came out and saw the light they started a hootin and a hollerin. They danced in the light. They laughed. They moved their bodies in silly ways then took such pleasure in being told that they could be seen-because of the light. I stood and watched them, pleased by their joy.

They ran off and soon after Mark and I heard lots of loud noises. We went to investigate, and found a really beautiful thing. The lights in the town hall had been turned on, and a lot of people had gathered to celebrate, bask, enjoy. There was dancing and shouting and literal jumping for joy. There was hugging and kissing and laughing. Those who hadn't gathered at the hall participated by occasionally hollering, and playing the "Tongan drum" ( a piece of tin roofing and sticks). It was neat to see, humbling to be apart of.

If you have never stopped to wonder, or smile, or be thankful, that when you flick a switch, light floods your life, you should.


  1. Praise God for his light and man's light provided to you!!

  2. This is a beautiful image to try to picture