Thursday, May 9, 2013


I was never one who thought much about if or when it rains. I have always loved a loud storm, freshly baked cookies, and cuddling on the couch...but other than that....never cared.

In case you are wondering, our water supply on our little island comes from rain. Every house, or most, has a water tank, and some sort of gutter system going from the roof of their house, to the tank. We are no exception. However, because we live on the school compound, we share our tanks with the other two teachers, and all the students during the day. The rainy season in Tonga is from January-April, the dry season May-December. The last couple weeks, as we have neared the end of the rainy season, we began to take stock of our tanks. We were alarmed to find that one of them was almost empty, and the other was less than half full.

As we thought about all the buckets of water we use in any given drink, wash dishes, flush the toilet, bathe, cook with, water the garden...and don't even get me started on laundry....we began to get increasingly worried.

I've prayed for rain this last week. I've never really been someone who prayed about just seems presumptuous, somehow to me. But I prayed we wouldn't be consumed with worry about this. I prayed we would have everything we needed to live here for the next six months.

It's poured this week. I have definitely noticed.

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