Wednesday, March 27, 2013


If you didn't already know, I'm going to be an aunt! I am thrilled beyond words, and can't wait to meet my nephew!

As I do, I have been pondering the seriousness, difficulty, joy, and wonder of being a parent. It's made me reflect, bringing laughter and tears, on my growing up years. I don't brag about them enough, so I'll say it hear again-I have the most amazing siblings! (you probably thought I was going to talk about my parents here, and they are also amazing, and I don't brag about them enough either but...we'll save that for another post). There's nothing quite like the bond of a brother and a sister. To you two: I love you a lot. Life would not have been the same without you. I would not be the same without you. I'm so proud of who you are!

Pondering life, and parenting, and children...I was reminded of a conversation I had with my parents during the month we stayed with them before our move here.

Not sure how it came up, but we were discussing children, and this question was asked, "if you could pray, or wish, or hope, for only one thing for your child, what would it be?"

Now, as we are all believers, one might think the question would be easy-that are children/child would know and follow after Christ. And of course, we all said that, and meant it, but then put it aside and came up with different answers.

I toyed with ambition, tenderheartedness. Considered my own hopes and admitted I want our children to be globally minded-aware that as Americans they are so blessed and I want them to be servant-hearted -broken by injustice and poverty and willing to love the unloved and the uncool and the ugly. But none of these, at that moment, we're my final answer.

Having just attended a Jonny Lang answer was passion. And honestly, I almost don't care what the passion is, or people, or skateboarding. Passion is attractive, crucial, creates purpose and joy. Passion is important. I'm lucky, I've got it. And my passion (and my God) have directed my entire life. (seriously google Jonny Lang. Watch that white boy belt it out. I dare you not to fall under his spell. Passion. Don't you wish you had an outlet for your passion like this guy? Personal favorites include "Only a Man" ,and "Turn Around").

Mark and I plan to write a prayer for each of our children before we have/adopt them. I've written about that before somewhere in this blog. How wonderful to purposefully pray for something specific for your child from the moment they are conceived. (easier said than done, I'm sure). But also, I think, how dangerous!

Since the moment I met Soe Paw (who was 5 at the time), I have marveled at her spunkyness. I haven't so much prayed it, as thought and said, after our every interaction, "thank God she's got spunk!". She needs it! Life as a resettled, non native English speaker , poor, refugee-that's a life with a few more challenges. I have looked at her and thought, "this girl has got tenacity, has got spunk, she is going to make it (no, she is going to thrive!)".

Last week, I called her. When she got on the phone I said, "Is this Soo Paw?!" , to which that little stinker replied, "No, this is not SOO Paw, this is SO Paw." oiaue! Ouch! I've struggled with the correct pronunciation of their names for the last five years, and unfortunately, my current location and language learning is not helping. Now, maybe my favorite ten year old girl is going through an especially sassy and unmannerly phase,but I gotta admit, that's that spunk talking that I have been so glad she's got!

Parenting, I can't even begin to imagine. But I know my big sis is going to be amazing at it. I can't wait to see her in action. (and you two boy, you know...eventually).


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