Thursday, March 14, 2013

6 months

Tomorrow we will have been in Tonga for 6 months. Six months! It's gone by so fast, it's dragged on endlessly slow. Crazy! Tomorrow we will be a quarter of the way through our journey as Peace Corps volunteers. Completely, absolutely crazy!

It has been six months since I have:

Driven a car. ( and therefore worried about said car breaking down)
Had a shower with either hot water or water pressure, (or regular access to running water).
Seen carpet.
Worn shoes (except to run in).
Been cold.
Had clean feet.
Worn a dress or skirt or pants shorter than calf-length.
Had regular access to electricity.
Been to a true "city".

It has been six months full of:

Pigs and roosters and dogs-absolutely everywhere.
Fences for said creatures one must climb over....absolutely everywhere.
Boat rides, boat rides, boat rides.
Confusion over Tongan language, and now unfortunately, the slow forgetting of the English language.
Root crops.
Scrounging around for meat to feed my carnivorous husband.
Ants, just..lots of ants.
Awe at the beauty of life on a tropical island.
Missing American food, family, and friends.

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