Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Summer day

Yesterday felt like the perfect summer day.

We taught the kids Lean on Me and This is the Day. We taught them how to play Kickball and Freeze Tag and Elbow Tag. And then, because it was awfully hot outside, we all decided to go swimming at the beach.

We brought ole buster boy with us, because he's growing fat and needs the exercise.

Imagine our surprise when he swims right out into the ocean with us! I was shocked and delighted! Later he even jumped from the wharf right into the ocean. This little pup is something else....

Of course, not to be outdone, some of the Tongan boys went and got their horse and it swam in the ocean with us too.I'm so serious. It was an odd and scary thing that I mostly kept my distance from. Anyone ever seen Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken? Well...I was practically living it....minus the high dive and the jump and the fact that I wasn't in any way on the horse..but, close enough!

(I did ride a horse earlier this week. Just not in the ocean).


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