Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Something that folks are always naturally curious about are the amenities that we have. So, in purely informative fashion, here's our electricity situation.

This is the one light we have in our house. We move it around and hang it on nails depending on where we need it.

It gets its power from the car battery below. Every day, we move the battery and connect it to wires leading to an old solar panel outside the house.

Right now, the only way we can charge our Peace Corps phones or any other electronics is by turning on the school's generator. But, it's expensive to run it, so we only turn it on for about an hour, once every three days. This makes things tricky, for example, when the school ran out of diesel last week, and our phones were dead for 5 days. Which then coincided with a Peace Corps safety check that left the office scrambling, calling people in our community trying to figure out if we were still alive.

However, the village is in the process of installing new, pretty nice solar panels in every house, due to a grant from Japan. This will give us enough juice for a couple lights and an outlet that will charge our phones. There's still no hope for having a fridge any time soon, so we've still got that hurtle to jump. Our current status of eating vegetarian 4-5 days a week is motivating me to learn to fish soon...


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