Saturday, July 2, 2011


A few months ago-quite a few months ago- I got embarrassed about our God.

You see, there is a girl that works at my school. She's a refugee, and even that aside, has lived a pretty...difficult life. And there's alot I could and would like to share about the many difficult things she has overcome, but I don't think that would be fair. So...just take my word-the girl is tough.

And she is a faithful follower of our God. And she sings (literally and figuratively) his praises incessantly.

In the foyer of our school there is a piano (that someone generously donated.) One morning we both arrived to work a bit early, and she asked me to join her on the piano bench. She then proceeded to play and sing a hymn (which hymn escapes me at the time). As people were gathering,watching and listening she kept urging me to sing.I must confess my first thoughts were not good ones. I was embarassed, asleep, not used to such open expressions of praise...timid as a small crowd grew.

Well shame on I sang. I started my work day with a song of praise to God (at my workplace no less). And silly to say, but true nonetheless-it was empowering, invigorating, and perfect.

I humbly apologized to God at my hesitancy, and thanked him for the privilege to live and work in a place where I was capable of praising him so openly. And I pondered my embarrassment of being asked to praise my Maker publicly, while people all over the world are punished, imprisoned, and killed for daring to do so.

We are babies here. I am a baby of the faith.

God, grow me up. May I be more like my friend.

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