Sunday, June 19, 2016

Prayers for Jubilee Way

Years ago I wrote this blog post about our prayer/naming plans for our children. It has been so fun to reflect back on this blog over the last year or so. 

Mark and I did choose a name, which is also our prayer for our daughter. We did, also, write a small prayer which we whispered in Jubilee's ear the hour of her birth.

We also each wrote the following prayers (long, because we both had much to say, and separate, because our writing style is a bit different) a few months before she was born. We shared a portion of these prayers at Jubilee's Child Dedication today at church, and thought it was time to share with all of you, so you may pray this prayer alongside us and over Jubi girl.

Daddy's Prayer

As your precious children, we thank you Father for another precious child. Thank you for entrusting this gift of infinite worth to us and for all the blessings surrounding her birth. Thank you for a loving family and a loving community that welcomes her warmly.

As our daughter is born into this broken world, we pray that she would first come to understand the brokenness of her own heart, and that she would understand the fullness of the Jubilee spirit of your grace. We pray that she would find delight in your love and embrace the gift of reconciliation that is freely offered to her.

We also pray that she would grow to embody your spirit of Jubilee in this world full of hurt, captivity, and poverty. We pray that her very life would proclaim the loud blasts of Jubilee freedom, and that she will be drawn to actively participate in your plans to bring liberation and consolation to this hurting world. May she walk faithfully in the Way of Jesus – the embodiment, instigator, and fulfiller of Jubilee.

Mama's Prayer


Thank you for this baby girl-for the timing and beauty of her arrival. We acknowledge that you created her and know her- we rest in your power as her Maker and your love as her Father. We praise your mighty works and take comfort in knowing before her days on earth began, every moment of her life was laid out and known to you.

Thank you for entrusting this gift to us. Thank you for being such a good Father, whom we can strive to learn from and love like.

We pray that we grow into this huge task of raising our daughter. Thank you for the family and friends who will enrich both our lives and hers in the years to come. We pray that we step deeper into the vulnerability and gift of living alongside others as we begin this new journey.

We pray Jubilee comes to fully know your love and the power of your grace. We pray she is drawn to your redemption ways and learns the joy of surrendering to you at an early age. May she truly delight in your presence, and earnestly seek you.

May our little Jubilee be a mighty voice in bringing your Kingdom come. May she be as a “loud blast” (Lev 25) proclaiming freedom in You for all she comes across. May she usher others into your redemption plans, and actively seek to reconcile man to nature, man to man, and man to You. May she loudly ring of the liberation and restoration that You provide, by (Is 61)

                                                    Preaching good news to the poor,

                                                    Binding up the brokenhearted,

                                                Proclaiming freedom for the captives,

                                                     Comforting all who mourn,

And loudly proclaiming with her words and deeds that you are God with us, active in bringing liberation, consolation, and rest. May she, through you, bring restoration.

May she faithfully walk in your Way- filled with a profound peace, deep joy, and love, love, love so deep and full that it overflows and spills out and leaves a trail straight to you.

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  1. Oh Alissa, such beautiful prayers for your precious Jubilee! Thanks for sharing them!