Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Hey Friends,

I'm a moody writer, prone to writing when I have HAD IT, when I'm full to the top and need to let it out.

I don't often think to write when I am all smiles and laughs- when there is good news to share, or a small success.

So, in an effort to combat that, let me say, I have been encouraged these last two days.

We all often feel like the things we do don't matter, that our work is unnoticed.

Yesterday I had a conversation that reminded me that even if I did nothing else- I changed this one person's life. And this particular kid is pretty amazing-so I'll just sit back and watch this ripple effect and thank God that He got to love someone through me.

And today I am reminded of how much I love my job because I get to learn about different people and places. That has been my desire since I was in elementary school- and I'm doing it. I'm thankful for that.

A few months ago my dad gifted me a year subscription to daily devotionals by Skye Jethani. They are sent to my inbox daily and sometimes I am so on top of them and sometimes (like right now) I have about 10 I can choose from to read cause I ...ugh...have been sleeping on the bus ride to work instead of growing my mind...

Today (and the last few days) Skye has been focusing on the Good Samaritan. He writes, "We view it (love) as a commodity that can easily run out if managed improperly. Therefore, we must be wise in how we use it and limit who may receive it. Like the religious expert who questioned Jesus, we want to make sure our love is not wasted on those who are undeserving and ensure we will receive a strong return on our investment".

"Jesus' story, however, obliterates our commodified view of love. The Samaritan does not guard his love or ensure the man he helps is deserving of it, and he expects nothing in return for his love. Instead, he gives it freely and lavishly. He is wasteful with his love in the godliest way and behaves as if his supply of love will never run out." (Read more @ www.skyejethani.com)

This has been like a second wind for me. May I love lavishly. May I lean on the strength of my Savior, who has a never-ending abundance of love. May I be wasteful with my love.

Leaning in to abundant love,

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