Friday, January 9, 2015


We all come to this time of year and do the same things- we reflect. Reflect on what has passed, what we've accomplished, how we've changed and grown, who we've met and lost. We look through old pictures- we laugh, we cry. We walk down memory lane and regardless if it's full of triumphs or regrets, we all think towards the new year and we hope.

As I think about 2015, my heart is full of all sorts of hopes. Hopes for myself, for my husband, for my family and friends, for my kids. With so much hope, I'm bound to be disappointed sometime in the next year. But I rest now, as I will rest when darkness comes my way, in the everlasting faithfulness of my God. And when I think of all the dear ones in my ever growing world, and all of your whispers of Hope and pleas for Change and I feel the chains of my limitations and the inequality of my own western privilege, I pray ever more fervently that His kingdom would come, and that in my own small way, that I may quicken it's arrival.

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  1. As always, I love all of your posts. Please know that your light, which is very evident, shines in the darkness. You are making a difference!