Saturday, September 6, 2014

2 Months in Bangkok

2 months in Bangkok. That is a little bit crazy.


We are getting on well here- sometimes feeling like life is lived much the same way as it is in America, other times feeling like we haven’t got a clue about the ways of this new place.

I think that’s to be expected though.


In two months…

We have amassed a small amount of “house” things that make us feel like we are making a home.

We have both developed routines and schedules (both separate and together), that make this new life seem a bit more normal.

Mark has just started Thai classes with a tutor- he is excited and learning quickly. I am sad to say that my Thai has not improved, but my Mahatiri is coming along just fine. Life is full of surprises. =) I am hopeful to learn Thai, and it is still a priority to me…I am still waiting to see how I can make this priority happen with such a limited amount of free time.

We have found a church that we love. We’re still in that awkward “getting to know you” stage with our new church, but the more we’re around the more we resonate with the vision and the people.

We have conquered a myriad of different transports: taxi, skytrain, water taxi, motorcycle, subway, rickshaw, train, and more.

We have both felt the joy of working in our new jobs and feel so blessed with where we are spending our time.

We have rejoiced over the ease and regularity we are able to communicate with friends and family all over the world. Gone are our days of frantic internet time every few weeks. Thank God. =)

2 months.

Such a small amount of time, but also a good chunk of time.
It is hard not to feel some inner conflict about our introduction to Thailand versus our introduction to Tonga.

A very opposite approach- these two beginnings- with good and bad each.

I do find myself longing to take a big leap into the middle of things here-to live with a Thai family, even just for a bit, to dive headfirst into the language and culture. Don’t worry, I remember how hard that is, I just think that I’ve decided it’s worth it. ;) For that, Peace Corps is truly one of a kind.


With 60 days under the belt and a whole lot more to learn,


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