Thursday, January 10, 2013

Whale hunter

Last Sunday we had lunch with a bona fide whale hunter! Of course, he doesn't hunt whales anymore, it being illegal and all. And he's mighty old...not sure he still has it in him. But, it was fascinating to hear his stories. And though part of me thinks I would be a little sad for the whale (and truly horrified when the Tongans made me eat all the fat from it), I would absolutely love to see a whale hunt.

He said that after they caught the first whale, and cut it open and learned where the heart is, they changed their hunting tactics. They got close to a whale, and then seven men would jump onto its back, and all thrust spears into the same area, all aiming for the heart. Can you imagine? In my minds eye, the whale is something like a bucking bull. Me being from Texas, I guess that makes sense..


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