Wednesday, March 9, 2011


If you know me at all you know that I am absolutely over the moon about my family. I absolutely adore them all-my mom and dad, aim and the boy. and, ya know, the hubs.

I have been thinking about them a lot this week, as my dad preached at his church on Sunday (due to losing a bet) and listening to his sermon (online and a few days later) reminded me oh how terribly much I miss him (and the rest of them).

I don't have kids yet. And am not ready to for some time still, but...I can't wait until my kids are old enough to appreciate me (and hope they will!). I am so proud of my dad. I am proud of him for his amazing abilities-his singing, leading, arranging, creativity, big vision making, music playing. I am proud of my mom-her work ethic, her ability to connect and love anyone and everyone, her piano-playing, her singing, her willingness to tackle so much.

But as much as I am proud OF my parents, and family in general, I am so much more proud to belong to them. I belong to these amazing two people (or did...a little different, I AM married after all). I have gotten to share life with this amazing man who dares to be vulnerable and raw and real. I'm lucky. I have gotten to share life with a woman who, unlike most women I know, is just her and happy with it! What a wonder to have a mom who always always always encouraged me to be myself and love who God has made me to be. She's a girl who sticks to her guns, hope I got a little bit of that from her. =)

Just ...thankful that I spent 22 years belonging to Paul and Linda, and so thankful that in a completely different way I now belong to Mark. Mark, who evens me out and is truly my better half. It is so wonderful to reflect on the things I feel like I am pretty awful at and how capable he is in those arenas.

Where I am:
quick to anger, mark is always loving (and reminds me to be!)
unable to speak professionaly, mark is my resume and cover letter and "Big girl talk" coach.
frustrated with life situations, mark finds purpose, reason
shy in big groups, mark manages
cooking challenged, mark is the iron chef

and so much more. so much much more.
What luck that I belong to that man. And what a God that has blessed me with awesome family.

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