Saturday, February 12, 2011


Confession- most mornings I have a difficult time getting out of bed. I miss those days of old when my mom would wake me up and I'd bound out of bed with laughter and smiles. Long looong gone days of old. My only saving grace these days is that my husband and I have the same morning schedule. With his help, I am able to get up in the morning with enough time to attempt to maintain my somewhat professional appearance (a new goal this year, minus my hair, as it will always and forever be straggly and stringy).

This last week I had an extraordinarily difficult time getting up in the morning as Mark was sick and I was on my own. On one particular morning I went upstairs to discover my housemates eating breakfast and reading together at the kitchen table. At 6:30. In the morning. On a cold winter day. Believe it or not, my first thought was, "what in the world!? Weird-o's!".
But as I was reflecting on this different start to my day as I drove to school I was very inspired by them. By their commitment to invest in each other in such a purposeful way, their commitment to growing their minds, their desire to pursue Christ and actively choose to do so.

So thanks friends for the inspiration. Keep it up!

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