Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today my love and I rode our bikes in the crisp, fall air. We biked to the store to get ingredients for the yummy buttermilk pies and pumpkin cookies we made for our fall party tomorrow (come!). THen we biked to a beautiful park...yellow, orange, gold, red leaves reflecting off of a lake....absolutely breath-taking. How can one not think of God when surrounded by his creation. I sure do love living in a place that has seasons.

Mark is so good with does he do it? =) I hadn't ridden a bike in the last ten years until very recently. He sweetly encouraged me and whilst riding always continues to tell me that "I can do it". are about to hit me, or I'm about to topple headfirst on the can be a scary thing, bike riding. =) haha.

I love spending lazy days with my hubs...enjoying where we live, the bodies that we have, and planning crazy goals like training to bike ride to CA. (Don't worry, we WILL do this).

A little over one year together and so much more ahead. I'm amazed at how much we've grown this past year, amazed at how much more I love this man now than when we were married, at how gently and completely he loves me and all my faults...

There are so many opportunities on our horizon right now. Oftentimes, this scares me, as I'm a planner to the core. But...right now I am going with it. Hoping, praying, investing, spreading myself...this right now is my life, and it's a darn good one. Whatever it takes, and however we get to where we'll end up, is all apart of the adventure.

I'm happy to announce that I'm a little more tired this week than I was last. A little more worn out, a little more over-worked. A thought I had once many years ago comes to me now. When my life is over, I hope I am dirty, my hands are worn, I'm tired, I'm weak, I'm all used up.

Used up and Happy,


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