Monday, September 6, 2010


Yesterday was an amazing day...

Getting to go to church on a decent amount of sleep makes all the difference in the world. I loved connecting with the pastor, meeting new people, observing older, wiser couples....I can see us there. I am anxious to see where we end up.

Over the Rhine was absolutely moving. I music, love it. I get so lost in it, but also, somehow find myself. OTR opened with "I Want you to be my Love" and it felt like such a sweet, simple, intimate blessing from God.

At church yesterday Dean mentioned struggles, mountains that seem insurmountable. I thought of my faltering dreams of a life lived...differently, and wondered if I was a silly/naive, idealistic girl...

In one of the songs coming out on the new album the lyrics said something about everyone has a dream that they never see lived...and again I thought of my own dreams. And a rush of assurance, of confidence, of divine plan, of a purposed life....came over me. And that made me cry ever so bitterly as I thought about all the more waiting I had to do.

I have more to learn, I have harder yet to love, I need clearer yet a vision, I need a more willing leg to limp, I need stronger still a faith. the meantime, there are difficult people to love and learn to work with.
a husband I must better support, encourage, and love.
a people that I can give a voice...a language too...
an education that I can pursue and further myself in.
and...a trivia night where, if I'm lucky, I'll win us a round of free drinks. =)

with (wavering) hope and assurance of things hoped for....

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